Educational Projects

Friends of HEMP is seeking funding for industrial hemp market development. Friends of HEMP seeks funding for implementing the following educational projects:

  1. Local Hemp Foods Cook-Off

    • Hemp foods cook-offs help normalize hemp foods in the eyes of the public! Just like caffeine in soda fountains in the early 1900s!
    • We organize hemp foods-cook off to introduce hemp foods to local restaurants and the general community. Chefs cook-up creative dishes and the community tries those dishes and votes on Best Taste, Most Unique and Best Kid’s Menu Item!
    • In 2016 we launched our first cook-off in Lexington in front of 130+ people.
    • In 2017 we launched our second cook-off in Lexington in partnership with CRAVE Food + Music Festival in front of 20,000+ people!
  2. Student Writing Competition

    • In collaboration with the Carnegie Center, we are hosting a Student Writing Competition for college-level, high-school and middle-school students. The students will write a creative paper on industrial hemp and submit to the competition within the student’s respective age group. Judges will review the papers and select a first-place, runner-up and third-place in each category.
    • The winners will receive a $25-$150 prize bond depending on age and place. The first-place participants in each age group will be invited to the Carnegie Center for a public reading!
  3. Farmer Seminars

    • In collaboration with Kentucky Hemp Industries Association and University of Kentucky College of Agriculture, we host farmer seminars to educate producers on farming practices, regulatory compliance, markets and more! In January and February of 2017, we hosted three seminars and had an average of 80 attendees at each event! The attendees traveled from Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee, Pennsylvania and beyond!
    • We are seeking funding to continue these seminars so that we can educate the producer community!
  4. We have more ideas in the pipeline! Stay tuned!

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