Hemp Feed Coalition

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Friends of Hemp is supportive of growing opportunities for the hemp industry, that’s why have collaborated with the Hemp Feed Coalition.

The Hemp Feed Coalition is a diverse set of stakeholders whose mission is to increase agricultural markets and the hemp industry’s market specifically by shepherding hemp grain products though the FAP (Food Additive Petition) process with the FDA-Center for Veterinary Medicine.

In collaboration with Hemp Feed Coalition, we are developing partnerships with agencies, non profit organizations and universities to meet these goals and open new markets in animal feed to industrial hemp.

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Hemp Feed Coalition Goals

  1. Organize and compile research
    1. Determine completed studies
    2. Define studies in progress
    3. Assess proposed research
  2. Identify qualified feed suppliers/set minimum standard nutritional value
  3. Fundraise to meet financial costs of completion and approval of the Food Additive Petition (FAP)
  4. FAP preparation & evaluation
  5. Response to evaluation – coordinate missing pieces/studies
  6. Apply for easy targets – companion pets, chicken
  7. Apply for new species once a body of data is compiled

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