Research Projects

Friends of HEMP is seeking funding for industrial hemp market development. Before re-branding our focus was on funding research projects. However, we have found that there is more need for funding outside of research, like building educational programs, helping develop standards and providing producer grants. As we shift our brand, we will also be shifting our focus, so that we can better accommodate a growing U.S. hemp industry!

However, we have two research projects already underway!

  1. Analyzing Thermodynamics in a Hemp House

    Hemp house’s are touted for their high performance energy-efficiency, but data lacks to back up the claim. NoLi CDC is building Kentucky’s first hemp house (and using locally-grown hemp!). It also will be built in Lexington’s historic hemp district!

    We want to build on the history by incorporating breakthrough research measuring the thermal mass and moisture in the hemp house. In collaboration with NoLi CDC and Alembic Studios, this project will provide funds to purchase, install and monitor thermodynamics metering in the hemp house, collecting essential data to back up claims of hemp as a green-building material!

  2. Aquaponics Research

    Not aquaculture, not hydroponics, but aquaponics. It’s a farming method that uses a closed-loop system to grow plants and fish in a symbiotic relationship! It’s an up-and-coming agricultural technology that is becoming ever more popular in cannabis cultivation, particularly in drought-susceptible climates.

    Since Kentucky State University (KSU) has an extraordinary aquaponics research department and they are participants in Kentucky’s pilot program, we are collaborating with KSU to analyze the phytocannabinoid spectrum of hemp grown in aquaponic’s conditions compared to traditional soils.

    KSU is growing hemp in their indoor facility, comparing two growing conditions. This research is initial testing that will lend to further research on the topic as results are discovered. We have provided support by initiating research interest, acquiring seeds and supporting laboratory testing.

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