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Friends of Hemp is advancing the the value of hemp by engaging our communities. Our collaborative initiatives have supported education, research, and legal defense across the nation. Become a Friend of Hemp and help support these initiatives! 


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 Our Mission is to advance the value of hemp by engaging our communities.

We are committed to growing the hemp industry through education and opportunity.

Our vision is a world where everyone is a friend of hemp.

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Hemp is Agriculture

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Hemp is Sustainability

Hemp is for our Future

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Find out more about our past initiatives and what’s in store as we grow hemp for our future! Are you ready to become a friend of hemp? 


Friends of Hemp is Hiring!

Friends of Hemp Director - Fundraising, Communications and General Operations Friends of Hemp is a 501c3 non-profit with a mission of advancing the national hemp industry through education and opportunity. We aspire to create impactful consumer education campaigns to...

2017 Creative Writing Competition

Entries will submit a cover sheet and their submission.        Entry is FREE Due date September 15th                    Winners announced October 15th Reading at Carnegie Center in Lexington November 15th On Cover Sheet:       Name Parent/guardian name (if under 18)...

Local Hemp Foods Cook-Off at CRAVE LEXINGTON

Local Hemp Foods Cook-Off at CRAVE LEXINGTON

Join us Saturday, August 12th from 1-5 at the Bluegrass Fairgrounds at Masterson Station Park for our second annual Local Hemp Foods Cook-Off. This year, instead of hosting a stand-alone event, we have partnered with CRAVE LEXINGTON to host the event during CRAVE food...

Friends of HEMP is a 501(c)(3) created to raise and distribute charitable funding in pursuant of advancing the industrial hemp industry. Friends of Hemp strives to  fund initiatives that progress the education and marketability of this important crop that supports farmers, small businesses, families, and the environment.

Donations are tax deductible.

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