Local Hemp Foods Cook Off Noodle Nirvana prepping their dishes for the Local Hemp Foods Cook Off

Thank you to everyone who attended the Local Hemp Foods Cook Off! We had an excellent turnout and raised nearly $1,000, which will benefit our statewide Writing Competition. Thank you to all the sponsors for helping fund the event and the following restaurants: Goodfellas Pizzeria, Noodle Nirvana, Pazzo’s Pizza Pub, Sav’s Chill, The Press, The Village Idiot and Whole Foods for cooking the delicious hemp meals!
The community voted on Best Taste, Most Unique, and Best Kids Menu Item! We would like to congratulate Pazzo’s Pizza Pub, The Village Idiot, and Sav’s Chill for taking home first place!



Local Hemp Foods Cook Off

Best Taste Runner-Up Goodfellas Pizzeria!

Best Taste

Winner: Pazzo’s Pizza Pub

Runner-Up: Goodfellas Pizzeria


Local Hemp Foods Cook Off

Most Unique Runner-Up Whole Foods


Most Unique

Winner: The Village Idiot

Runner-Up: Whole Foods


Local Hemp Foods Cook Off

Taste Testers

Best Kids Menu Item

Winner: Sav’s Chill

Runner-Up: Goodfellas Pizzeria



If you missed the Cook Off, don’t worry! Check out the video below to find out what you missed! And catch us at future Local Hemp Foods Cook Offs throughout the state in the coming years!