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  • Due date September 15th                   
  • Winners announced October 15th
  • Reading at Carnegie Center in Lexington November 15th

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Parent/guardian name (if under 18)

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Grade/year in school

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College Students – 750 words

Op-ed. Take a point of view on Kentucky’s hemp industry that may be published in a newspaper.

Winner: $150 bond; 2nd $100 bond; 3rd $75 bond


High School – 500 words

Make a case to your state legislator about the future of hemp in Kentucky.

Winner: $100 bond; 2nd $75 bond; 3rd $50 bond


Middle School – 250 words

Industrial hemp is a plant that has been used for rope, paint, clothing and hundreds of other

products. If you could design anything using industrial hemp, what would you make? Describe

the product, the part of the hemp plant you would use, and how it may benefit humanity.

Winner: $75 bond; 2nd $50 bond; 3rd $25 bond     


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