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A social responsibility initiative empowered by a collaboration of hemp industry stakeholders and supporters.


Hemp For Our Future is a network of businesses supporting the production of hemp-based materials and products, and traditional hemp foods to help medical professionals and community members experiencing the devastating impacts of COVID-19.


Just like in 1942 when U.S. farmers were called to action through the Hemp for Victory Campaign to bring hemp back into rotation on U.S. soil to help our citizens during WWII, we are calling on the US hemp industry to unite together and take action to again prove the incredible potential of hemp in supporting our country during times of crisis.

With hemp’s ability to provide us with thousands of sustainable products used in everyday life, our industry is well positioned to make a positive impact during these trying times! Help us support our agricultural hemp farmers, food manufacturers and industrial product producers, working with all aspects of the hemp plant.

How can you help?

How does this work?

If your business is able to help, the network will connect you with others in your region who can work with you to facilitate the production and delivery of supplies to those in need. When we identify organizations in need accepting donations, we will notify you about the opportunity to help. We will highlight successful donations through the platform, industry organizations, and media.


Participation is limited to legal activities. Members promise to maintain the integrity of our global hemp industry by being kind, supportive, and cooperatively communicating. Hemp For Our Future donations are limited to legal hemp products, CBD food and dietary supplements are not accepted.

Join the helpers of the world, and effect positive change in our world!

Our strong and growing list of partners

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